1. Michael (COO Of Fenix Finance)
2. Harison (CMO Of Fenix Finance)

There is 3 session in AMA
1. Introduction
2. Forward Best Question From Twitter
3. Free Asking

Hello everyone, welcome to AMA ID Crypto with Fenix.Finance
Today we have a guest, Michael (COO Of Fenix Finance) & Harison (CMO Of Fenix Finance)
who will explain the AMA theme and answer some of your questions.

hello Mr. Michael (@Michael_Fenix) & Mr. Harison (@HarisonFenix)

Hi thanks guys

Hello guys 🙌

Glad to be here with u

I'm glad to be here

We have 3 sessions of the AMA, where each of your sessions will have questions to answer, and when you are done explaining, please say "done"


Question 1
could you give an introduction of yourself and your involvement with FENIX FINANCE?

Yes sure,

i'm CMO at FenixFinance , chief marketing officer,
Manage and organize the marketing and grow the community,
I working about 4 years into crypto,
I'm Business manager and Communications Manager and i worked on some companies and gained a lot of experiences

I'm COO at Fenix Finance, Chief Operating Officer manage and organize the marketing and development activities in the project.

optimizing financial systems,
my crypto experience is 6 years, blockchain researcher, Industrial Engieneer & auditor

very interesting
Thanks for Introducing😁

Question 2
Could you explain for the crew here what is FENIX Finance, and what long term goals you have for the project? And tell us Why u use defi and cefi?

FENIX Is The First Cryptocurrency Project That Aims Solve Largest Issues In CeFi & DeFi .

FENIX Wants To build a New
Version of Decentralized Crypto Exchanges That Has The Ability To Support Two Network (ERC20-TRC20).

We will also launch monthly farms for users and work with Unicrypt.

According to future goals, we will be a bridge between Defi and Cefi platforms.

As you know, there are similarities and differences between defi and CeFi.

Some similarities include:
trading, lending& Borrowing and stable coins and...

But there are many differences between the two protocols KYC and how to use Fiat
And the other thing : in Defi you can't trade all the market currencies because they do not support Cross Chain.

First step:
We need to clarify Defi projects.
One of the best platforms in this field (LID).

In the next step we need to create an integrated community to avoid potential investment & risks.
In this way, people will have more information,knowledge and,references
To secure defi platforms, we must insure people's capital and reduce the risks of security attacks.

Next Question 3
Could u tell us more about defi & Cefi?
And why you use two protocol?

Sure. We have used defi and cefi for our project.
Also we've choice two token type ERC20 & TRC20, Ethereum and tron network fees may change any time

you can withdraw your tokens as type of ERC20 or TRC20 you would like

We wanna bulid an easy-to-use Decentralized exchange that allow users to swap their erc20 and trc20 Tokens with low fee + With 24-hour support

We are try to add good facilities For Fenix Swap That makes users easy to work

FenixSwap a Decentralized Exchange that allow people to swap their erc20/trc20 tokens without much fees and without No one access +24-hour support.
We are try to adding good Property for Fenix Swap that makes user easy to work with Fenix Swap

Question 4
You spoke about Fenix swap!
Can u tell us more about fenix swap?

fenix wants to build a new version of crypto exchanges that has the ability to support liquid mining, proof of stake,proof of work at the same time.
In our platform, all activities are based on the people’s vote and people determine the future
of the project.
We are also looking to create a dedicated Fiat and Crypto exchange platform so users can buy the currencies they want without spending extra time. Then we create a direct bridge between Defi and Cefi, which is a problem for many decentralized exchange users.
We are looking for the best possible way to reduce fees and the easiest user interface.
So, governance what is it exactly?
Governance is a term that relates to decision making processes within an organization — who is responsible for what, how are major decisions being taken or implemented, is authority vested in a select few or distributed among all participants, etc.
All those questions have different implications on an organization‟s operational system, whether on a macro level (e.g. a decision on a new feature or goal) or on a micro level (e.g. how much is spent on marketing or who is responsible for a certain task).
A successful governance model is usually what makes an organization click. Logically, there is no one-size-fits-all here — every model is situational and its viability largely depends on the specific circumstances. While a participative democracy could work for some, having powers vested in a central authority may be preferable for others.
Though as diverse as they may be, exemplary governance models are often centered around a set of qualities: transparency, integrity, effective performance and collaboratio

very interesting, I will give time for the community to read and understand it😄

I've forgot to write decentralized exchange

Thank you
Question 5
Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

our airdrop has been over with success, then We’ll launch fenix farm and our more work will be on Q1 2021 We would like to have a good platform to launch staking program, And listing fenix on Centralized exchanges we are focusing more to build our decentralized swap

Question 6
Can you tell us more on your partnership with @LID_Protocol? What advantage does it add to the project and what do users stand to gain from this partnership?

Good question,
Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID) solves the issue of Uniswap exit scamming by using standardized non-custodial presale smart contracts that lock liquidity.

The Liquidity Dividends Protocol has developed new technologies for securely depositing liquidity generated via presale into Uniswap. The goal is to license this technology out to other projects which will end Exit scams.

All buyers will pay a fee in ETH. This will go into a referral pool where 2.5% of all deposits are available to the pool. When someone uses your referral code you get 2.5% of what they deposit.

You are very excited in the first session, sir, thank you for answering the questions in detail.
I hope the community can understand your explanation.

Question 1
What are you focusing on at the moment: DeFi, Staking or Farming? What are your goals for the end of the year and beyond?

At the moment, our short-term focus is on pre-sales, Uniswap & Top Centralized exchange.

Next step we'll launch our Farming Staking pools in secure platforms like Unicrypt.

And our ultimate goal for 2021 is to create a decentralized Fenix ​​Swap exchange

Question 2
Can you tell us describely about pre-sale? When it will take place and on which platform? What will be the price and what is the minimum and maximum Investments?


You can check this partnership announcement


🤝We are officially announce our #Partnership with @LidProtocol.

Fenix ($FXF) ​​pre-sale has been set for 25 December at 10:00 PST on the Lid platform. 🔥

💡Introduction :

LID Certified Presale offers the most secure method for new projects to do Initial Liquidity Offerings in the DeFi space. LID Protocol deploys automated, non-custodial smart contracts that trustlessly lock liquidity raised through LID presale dApps.

💰Presale Information:

🔸HardCap: 1000 ETH
🔸SoftCap: 100 ETH
🔸Min Invest: 0.1 ETH
🔸Max Invest: 30 ETH

💬 Token Distribution:
🔸Presale : 30%
🔸Liquidity (FXF/ETH) : 15% for ever
🔸Liquidity (FXF/Lid) : 6% for ever
🔸Marketing : 5%
🔸2nd Marketing, Farm : 30% (Unlock 10 months)
🔸Team :13% (Unlock 10 months)
🔸Lid : 1%
💭ETH Distribution :
🔸Liquidity (FXF/ETH) : 50%
🔸Liquidity (FXF/LID) : 20%
🔸Dev: 25%
🔸LID: 5%
Question 3
Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold the FENIX for long term?

❇️ Staking / farming
We'll launch our staking program on a good place
They can stake their tokens and get weekly rewards
❇️ Governmence voting
❇️ Project development programs
❇️ Participate in specific project activities
❇️ Listing several exchange

Question 4
FENIX wants to create a new version of encryption exchanges that has the ability to support two networks (ERC20-TRC20). How would both networks merge to solve the problems of DeFi and CeFi? How would you prevent the high gas rates and scalability in ETH from affecting this model?

Yes, our platform supports ERC20 and TRC20.
We'll use cross-chains for this, low fees, useful interface
You can see an example of this in Tron Wallet

Question 5
Fenix Finance has been great, but as an investor, we're always concerned about the loss of hackers. So Fenix Finance has any mode to help users like me more secure? Is there any special security methode you want to made on your system?

We'll set up our exchange on a decentralized platform, and as you know, information is not stored in decentralized exchanges, transactions done directly.
But there are many security issues,
we are reviewing the best licenses for the interface, liquidity providers.

About Uniswap pools
We'll work with Unicrypt, one of the most secure platforms.
One of our main goals is to build a bridge between the DeFi and CeFi protocols.So we will try to provide security at a decentralized and centralized level for users.

So many Rug Pulls and exit scam are happening now. How Users can trust your project and how you are different from others?

Fenix Presale has been set 25 December on Lid platform,
Features :
Lock liquidity for ever 🔥
Secure dapp & smart contracts
Only 13% token for team ( Lock 10 months)
30% Staking /farming

Mazen Tarig:
We're concerned about 2 things - Marketing and Rugpull. What are your marketing plans? How can you guarantee us no rug-pull?

That's good question
We are several marketing plans:
First step:
Listing Uniswap & Top Centralized exchange
Global community ambassador program
Staking & Bounty rewards

Searching Money:
What is ypur target in the future?.. After staking and other are you will hold token?.

Fenix Swap, New version of Decentralized exchanges, that support ERC20 & TRC20 Netwoek, with a lot of features for token holders like Governmence Voting (DAO)

Karla Herrera Pulido:
What exactly do you want to achieve, when trying to solve the problems of the CeFi world? And why not focus only on strengthening the DeFi world, through your project?

Good, According to future goals, we will be a bridge between Defi and Cefi platforms.
We need to clarify Defi projects.
One of the best platforms in this field.
In the next step we need to create an integrated community to avoid potential investment & risks.
In this way, people will have more information,knowledge and,references
To secure defi platforms, we must insure people's capital and reduce the risks of security attacks.

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